Charlie Hatton‭: ‬

MBA from UNC Chapel Hill‭, ‬Aerospace Engineering degree from Embry-Riddle‭, ‬veteran Marine Corps officer‭ (‬F-18‭ ‬pilot and Supply/Logistics Officer‭). ‬Currently working for PSE&G-Electric Operations as a Quality Assurance program manager‭. ‬Passionate about riding and working on motorcycles since sophomore year of college back in 2000‭, ‬riding the same Honda CBR since 2001‭. ‬Lives in Yardley with his wife and 2‭ ‬kids and excited to raise the family in beautiful Bucks County‭. ‬


Keith Hatton‭:‬

BSID from University of the Arts in Philadelphia‭, ‬and a city native ever since‭. ‬Previously the Creative Director for Elite Bicycles‭, ‬currently working at Curio as an Industrial Designer and product developer‭. ‬Extensive experience in delivering freelance design projects including custom designed logos and graphics‭, ‬as well as physical prototypes and custom low volume production products‭. ‬A driven competitor and meticulous mechanic‭ ‬–‭ ‬category two bicycle racer and custom bike builder‭.‬